The Bearn app provides detailed Avatar representations of the body, which combined with body measurements and health data provide a highly visual overview to assist on your fitness goals.
Scan the body in 3D
The images captured during a mobile scan (front and side pose) are combined with statistical body data to generate a 3d avatar and measurements.
Track key biometrics
The technology uses advanced 3D depth sensors to guide users through the scanning process. Through the Bearn App, both users and personal trainers can monitor progress and see measurements in motion.
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See Yourself Evolve
Movement awareness
Measuring over 150 points around the body, we can generate a 3D representation of the human form. In addition, Bearn provides weight, waist to hip ratio, body fat percentage, lean body mass, body volume and functional movement assessment data. All of these key biometrics are given to users in a way they can understand.