people to achieve
healthier outcomes.

How Does it Work?

As a B2B company, your clients sign up to Bearn and receive a code to access the app. Users connect their devices and applications in order to earn cash by completing healthy behaviors, engaging in exercise activities and competing in competitions and challenges . The platform is customizable in terms of what behaviors and activities users earn for, at what rate they earn, how much they can earn in a period of time, and where users deposit their earnings to.

Depending on the user partnership between Bearn and Client, users deposit the cash in different ways - HSA accounts, personal bank accounts, their own benefits platform or the Bearn Marketplace.


Bearn also provides an SDK and a white label app to B2B partners in Health and Fitness industries.


How do I get involved?

If you have access to large distribution networks, employer groups, advertisers and associations that are looking for ways to engage, retain and monetize their population or to connect with health-conscious customers and establish their brand in the wellness space, then Bearn is the opportunity for you.

We are looking to build relationships with affiliates who can bring both user partners and health, fitness and wellness advertisers to the Bearn network.


How does it benefit me?

Every relationship that you bring into the Bearn network is coded directly to you.

When a user from a client that you onboarded cashes out, you receive a percentage of that transaction

When you bring an advertiser to the platform, you earn a commission of each transaction that occurs

Everything is tracked and commission reports and analytics are available for you to view on your own personal dashboard.