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How Does it Work
Bearn offers a new marketing tool for online advertisers and local retailers.
Advertisers can market a broad range of their products, services and experiences in the app that users highly involved in health, fitness and wellness can engage with.
As users earn cash for validated healthy activities, behaviors and compeititons, they can apply cash earnings towards the purchase price of the offer.
Users also engage in challenges and competitions where advertisers can showcase their products to build brand awareness with their target audience.
How do I get involved
If you are looking for ways to establish and/or grow your brand in the health, fitness and wellness space, then Bearn is the opportunity for you.
We are looking for advertisers who can bring relevant offers to our user populations and in return, Bearn will generate highly qualified customers for you.
You only pay when a conversion occurs.
When a lead that meets your requirements is produced
When a consumer actually visits your retail premises
When a user makes a purchase of your product
To get involved, sign up! If you’d like to learn more before signing up, you can also email us to start a conversation.
How does it benefit me
Performance based, pay-per-result program! You will have direct access to highly targeted users who have cash to spend and an exclusive platform to list your products and services on.
Our analytics dashboard ensures every conversion is tracked and reports are available for you to view on your own personal dashboard.