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Bearn provides health and wellness companies with a new way to radically improve advertising effectiveness

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Users connect their fitness and tracking devices to the Bearn app to track their calories burned.

Burn to earn

Burn to earn

For every qualified calorie burned the user earns one penny.

Cash out

Users must interact with your brand to exchange their calories for cash.


earn a penny for every qualified calorie burned.


get leads that are ready to try, buy, and share their product.

With over 10 different data sources, interactions can be tailored for increased relevancy and conversion.

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Creating win, win, win partnerships

Set the cost
per lead

Users interact with your brand

Set the cost per lead

Highly developed prospects at a significantly lower cost per lead.

Users get

Exposed to your brand and services with a monetary incentive for staying healthy.

Bearn gets

Revenue per lead for connecting users and brands.

Reach new customers who are ready to try & buy.

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Motivate the world to become fit and healthy. Earn while you burn.

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