Get Paid per Calorie Burned

Get paid to improve your health and fitness! Our exciting new app allows you to earn money for working out.

Whether you are an elite athlete or a beginner, you can earn while you burn!


Monetized Fitness and Centralized Health Data

Use our exciting new app to earn money while working out and to gain insight and understanding into your health data. We are an inspired way to stay motivated and focused on all aspects of your health and a fun way to earn money while making healthy choices.
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Getting Started

Social signup and account creation

Users are able to get started with our app in under 30 seconds by simply using their email or a social media account to sign up and by connecting their fitness tracking device and a method of payment to receive payments earned.


Sync devices

Integrates with popular fitness trackers

Users are able to connect their existing fitness tracking devices such as an Apple watch, Fitbit, Garmin, Android, iOS and more. We are able to integrate and pull data from these devices and apps as well as authentic them to each user. Fraud prevention methods are engaged using social media accounts, device level accounts, heartbeat, fingerprint and more.


Earned money

The right incentive

Users are able to earn money by improving their health and fitness in a variety of ways. There are great personal and community benefits to the fact that users must improve their health and wellness in order to earn money.


Invite Friends

Increase earning



A friendly competition

Users are able to not only share their success but use their social media platforms and network to compete to earn more money. They have the ability to challenge friends as well as other users of the app on a daily or weekly basis.


Healthy Spending

Rewarding for health and fitness related purchases

An important component of improving one’s health is to make healthy spending a priority. We provide a curated marketplace of already identified health, wellness and fitness related products and services. This ranges from diet and nutrition to gyms and travel.

Most people are unaware of what products and services actually improve their health and which are just fancy marketing. Our technology not only solves this problem but goes beyond this issue to financially reward users for healthy decisions.


Our Dashboard

Marketing and Advertiser Tools

We offer a cloud based reporting dashboard for advertisers and user partners to track the effectiveness of our system. The Bearn app is a tool that uses lead generation and arbitrage to deliver value and insights and advertisers can easily see the quantity and quality of leads generated.


Marketing face of Bearnit

Contrary to popular

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